Carla Gonçalves

@ Evolving landscape

Carla Gonçalves is a landscape architect (University of Porto, Portugal); she is passionate about the relationship between landscape and spatial planning, which motivated her to do a Master of Regional and Urban Planning, at University of Aveiro, as she is always looking to become a better informed landscape architect. Carla is an assistant teacher in the Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto, teaching Landscape Planning and Landscape Policies for the Landscape Architecture undergraduate and master’s degrees. Since she graduated in 2008, Carla has been working in the private sector on landscape architecture and landscape/spatial planning. She has been following the implementation of the European Landscape Convention with great enthusiasm, which has inspired her to collaborate with different NGOs. As a result, she is one of the founders of Evolving Landscape, Crl, a cooperative dedicated to encouraging citizen’s participation on landscape matters, founded in 2014, in Oporto, Portugal.