Excursion – Cultural Landscape of the Spessart

The excursion will lead to two major archaeological excavations organised by the Archaeological Spessart-Project as citizen science projects with many volunteers. At both sites we also can experience and discuss the part reconstructions to make these heritage sites more visible and better understandable:

  • In Elisabethenzell (Cell of St. Elisabeth) a medieval monastery site was uncovered together with a medieval highway. As an economic enterprise, road station and ecclesiastical site in one it shaped the surrounding landscape, and traces can be seen still today, many centuries after its dissolution.
  • In Partenstein we visit one of the oldest excavations of the Archaeological Spessart-Project, and we will meet local volunteers and politicians to talk about the concept of the communal dig and civic participation in cultural heritage management.

The lunch break we will have in a true “Spessart-Inn” (but also a place of vivid political debate and advocating for and against wind turbines in the forest), and there as well as on the bus will be a chance to link up, network and talk to each other.